We deliver reliable income streams through exposure to an ever expanding, global market: alternative sustainable energy generation. Our extensive expertise in the renewable energy sector enables us to collaborate with stakeholders and unlock the full value of investments over time.

We Are a Specialist Team

From the first generation of brownfield, diversified investments in renewable energy, EOS IM have been progressively focusing on and specialising in greenfield opportunities, operating under grid-parity and, exploiting the best of well-established renewables technology.

We develop environmentally-advanced infrastructure projects located across Europe, with a specific focus on the Italian market.

We are a specialised team with an unparalleled, internally-gained experience in the development, construction and operation of renewable energy, unsubsidised, generation projects.

EOS IM’s Team has combined experience in the clean energy infrastructure sector, with proven, diversified and highly complementary skills – ranging from technical and financial through M&A, project, and structured finance, to operations and asset management, covering the whole infrastructure and investment cycles.

Management & Team


A cohesive group, with several years of joint development experience, with proven capability in all stages of the renewable energy asset cycle.


Strategic Partnerships

Within our Clean Energy investment strategy, we are also executing select strategic partnerships
with other leading asset managers and institutional investors to identify and co-invest
in large investment opportunities in the sector.