A Multi-Strategy Approach

We provide professional investors with the opportunity to invest in multiple ways. These options are designed to meet the various objectives and requirements of our diverse investor base. The options in summary include Single Strategy Funds and Mandates.

A Multi-Strategy Approach

Single Strategy Funds

Direct investments into a single strategy fund dedicated to the private equity or clean energy infrastructure sectors.

A Multi-Strategy Approach


Tailored investment solutions designed to fit an investor’s needs and objectives.

We invest in niche market leaders in order to achieve top-quartile performance.

We believe that investing in sustainability-driven businesses delivers both higher financial returns and measured, solid sustainable impacts from an environmental, social and governance criteria.

Our Pillars

What makes us distinctive.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurial Spirit

With an almost 10 year history, we are a team made up of seasoned fund investment professionals animated by the entrepreneurial spirit. We combine this entrepreneurial spirit with an institutional approach for delivering the best of both worlds.

Experience, location and flexibility

Experience, Location and Flexibility

Experience and know-how are the basis of our agile approach and make us aware of how quickly the world is changing. We are experienced professionals in the field, with the aim of understanding strategies, local nuances, development and, offering added value in ever-changing environments.

Proactive Approach

Proactive Approach

We believe in the importance of relationships with our stakeholders, in transparent dialogue and mutual trust. This is why we work on the numerous challenges facing the country, to ensure a better present and future by combining strategic experience and creative thinking with an approach based on concrete data.

Sustainability Practice

Sustainability Practice

Our business growth is linked to corporate, social and environmental responsibility, receiving the highest score from UNPRI. We are open to the challenges of sustainability, aware that everyone's will must be there to create value and a better world.

We support companies in achieving their growth potential.

We embrace Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as part of our strategy for success.
Along with sustainability, digitalization is a key value creation driver to provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities.
Growth Potential
We invest in profitable SME firms that are ripe for the next stage of development, and are already growing at above-average rates compared to their relevant industries.
Circular Economy
In a circular economy we stop waste being produced in the first place to reduce or eliminate waste and pollution and regenerate nature.

Investment Focus

Across countries and sectors, we focus on two investment strategies: Clean Energy Infrastructure and Mid-Market Private Equity.