The fund is focused under grid parity unsubsidised opportunities across Europe.
EOS Energy Fund II S.C.A. SICAV-RAIF benefits from leveraging on EOS IM’s established knowledge and solid expertise of the European Energy market, as well as the long-standing industrial and strategic international network it has built up.

An Investment Responsible Approach

EOS ReNewable Infrastructure Fund II is driven through its responsible investment approach, fostering positive environmental and social impact by leveraging on innovative solutions.

Designed to provide no compromise between achieving solid financial returns and attaining ESG performance, the Fund promotes environmental and social characteristics according to EU SFDR, representing:

  • an investment to tangibly and effectively tackle the challenge to decarbonize the production of energy;
  • a real benefit to the welfare of communities, positively affecting the economic system, the environment, and society.

The Fund is consolidating its positioning as one of the most dynamic grid-parity, solar PV market leaders in South Europe and Italy. Plus, EOS IM has skills and industrial relations that allow it to evaluate and explore new investment opportunities in new renewables technologies developments such as: electric mobility, green fuels, energy storage.

These areas are being constantly monitored in order to identify new pipelines of well-conceived and competitive projects in the final stages of the development cycle.

Clean Energy Portfolio